Ares' Body Preparation


1.     First wake your joints up with a little rotation and movement

2.     As we lay down we put the soles of our feet together and rest them a few feet away from your body. Allow your knees to fall to the sides a breath into the stretch on your inner thighs. (Adductors) 

3.     Next hug your knees into your chest giving yourself a big hug and relax that lower back

4.     Cross the right leg over the left knee and grab underneath the back of your left knee and bring closer to your body

5.     Switch sides

6.     Roll onto your stomach if you have low back pain rest a pillow under your abdomen. Begin my bending the right leg and reach back with the right arm to grab the foot a stretch out the tops of your thighs. (Quadriceps) 

7.     Switch sides

8.     As you lay on your stomach push your body back over your feet and stretch out your spine.

9.     Flip over and sit on the edge of your bed as you reach for the sky with a deep inhale and a powerful exhale.

10.  With your arms over head interlace the fingers and stretch to your left side for a few seconds then stretch to your right side.

11.  Stand up tall reach your arms overhead to the sky stretching out all remaining tension and bend over first at the hips then followed by the rest of the body. Take a few moments to open up the hamstrings and begin your day.