Personal Training & Online Coaching

Our number one priority to to give you the guidance and drive to build the ultimate body you desire. No matter your current physical level we are determined to help you reach your fitness potential. Become the God/ Goddess you truly are by pushing yourself beyond your limits with one of our options below.

Where to get started? 

1. Purchase Monthly Fee

2. Click the link below to open up our online coaching site. After that click the green Become A Client button and send me a request to begin your program.

Online Coaching

One-on-One: This training encompasses everything from a personalized program to a body analysis. It includes a complimentary body assessment as well as a pre or post sports massage to enhance your overall results and improve your performance. $80 Per session for a home or public visit.

To do personal training in Scottsdale, AZ

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Elite Online Training: When you are ready for the next level of training we offer our God and Goddess programs or take it to the top with a personalized program designed for just you and this will help you defeat the titans. $100/Month for a 4 week program. Exercises and coaching tips that will cover 20 workout sessions. So get started online coaching for as little as $5 a training session.

Free Online Program: We want you to reach your goals with as much ease as possible. Clicking on the link below will take you to two free programs to help kickstart your fitness goals.

Free Programs