ABC's Of Lifting

          Now it’s time to break this down and apply it to the field of health and fitness and explaining what the ABC’s of lifting are. When you see people lift, they will traditionally have the goal in mind to move the weight from point A to point B by any means necessary. I mean this makes sense; we are in the gym to lift weights and the weights are being lifted. However, like I have stated in a previous post, “practice doesn’t make perfect” and it has the potential to reinforce poor behavior and movement which in the world of fitness can lead to a lifelong injury as well as many wasted hours in the gym. Like I have stated in my other post titled “Practice Doesn’t make Perfect” it breaks down the nature of how to improve on a skill and we can do that to every single exercise in the gym. The main point I want to cover in this post is in regards to WHAT you should be doing with every lift every single rep. If you want to engage the muscle and enable it to grow, it must be put into an overload sate of tension. We put this load on our muscle via weights and ask that portion of our body to move it. When we ask ourselves to move the weight 90%, we will get it done one way or another. Usually it involves a whole lot of flailing and struggling that not only doesn’t look very pretty it can potentially harm you. We must focus on what we are doing during each repetition that allows our muscles to grow, and this is why it is called the ABC’s of lifting. We should all be familiar with the concentric and eccentric portions of our lift. For those of you who are unfamiliar with those terms it can be explained by thinking Concentric as Contract and Eccentric as Elongate. This is the traditional up down motion you see in most exercises. Now there is a third part to the lift that many people gloss over, this phase is called the isometric or no movement phase. You may be asking why a no movement phase could be good since the idea is to lift weights, but this part is incredibly important to muscle growth, just as equal to the other two.

           Now lets us break down the ABC. To simplify this the A stands for action it is the concentric phase that is required for all actual weight movement to take place. The B stands for boost it is the isometric phase that will boost your overall muscle into growing. Without it the amount of muscle you can grow is going to be significantly less, which means that you could be doing the exact same number of reps as someone else, but with far less results. The last portion is C, and that stands for control. The control of the lift is incredibly important to the overall growth and is required if you want any significant growth in tissue. All three portions of lifting are important and if you spend the time to focus on each one then your growth will lead to incredible results. Good luck and Train like Gods.